Sunday, 13 July 2014

North American Nationals - Day 2

NAN Day 2

Day 2 was extremely tiring after just 6 hours sleep and having barely slept this entire America trip. I arrived and unpacked my horses where it was such a relief to discover that none of my models (all three of them...) had been damaged during the trip.

Oh and before I continue, this needs to be shown! Every day at 7am when the hall opened to the showers, the biggest queue formed outside!

I was originally going to have 8 horses with me, however there was a problem with my Southern Roundup class. I was very upset by this, but not all is lost as I have my BMECS cards back and they will be accepted into our UK show.

Once again, the standards were exceptionally high (but what else would you expect?!) I was in awe and took so many photos in the morning, however unfortunately my camera had died half way through, so I didn't get nearly as many as I wanted to. 

I entered Be My Valentine, my Eberl Vincenzo resin, into the extremely large and competitive Iberian traditional class. This class had over 30 horses entered. He didn't receive a Top Ten (I wasn't expecting any of my horses to) but when I looked at the points sheet, two of the three judges had placed him within the top ten, with one of them being 5th place. I was astounded as the horses in this class were absolutely beautiful, and for my models to beat others in such a top show with amazing and talented artists, what more could I want! He narrowly missed out on the title but that is good enough for me.

The different customs today I have also found incredibly inspiring. I definitely want to resculpt more and more models, sculpt my Tanoka sculpture I have been planning on doing for a while, and even make some dioramas and bases for my models. Thank goodness I have August off to recover from Jet Lag and to break from university!

(I also found out my exam results from this year and I have to share, I am currently now on a 2.1 grade and next year is worth 50% of my degree, so it means I will get my desired outcome from university. I am absolutely ecstatic and the hard work and partying this year paid off. It was an incredibly rocky road and I went through a great deal, but it has all been worth it!!! Thank you so much everyone for your support, including friends and supporters of my work, it means SO much to me)

I really hope people are enjoying reading my blog posts as much as I post them!

Right, one more day left of NAN... what an amazing experience it has been.

Then... Get ready for BREYERFEST!!!


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