Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Painted Tanoka Medallions

I have painted three Tanoka medallions to show people what they look like with colour instead of just resin. The first one, as featured in my previous blog post, is a rich dark bay in colour.

The two I finished today included a dapple grey (that has proven himself popular!)

And this gorgeous leopard spot appaloosa!

All of the lovely comments I have received on this medallion have been incredibly humbling, thank you so much! These three medallions are all for sale, priced at £20 not including postage (postage to the UK is £3 and rest of the world £5) I am also doing a promotional offer on the first five Tanoka medallions bought (although three have now been purchased so this offer only remains until TOMORROW for TWO medallions!) where they are only £13 or two for £25 and these prices INCLUDE the postage costs.

If you are interested in purchasing the last two unpainted medallions at a special offer, or any of the new painted pieces in this post, please contact me!

Thanks and have a great evening!


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