Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Painted Recoloso Resin - Tanoka Portrait

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a Recoloso resin, one that I have been after probably ever since I joined the hobby. I just found his dynamic pose made him quite a dramatic model.

When I moved to Spain in 2009, I was given the opportunity to look after a beautiful Spanish horse called Tanoka. He hadn't been ridden in years and within a few months we developed a really strong bond and he didn't put a hoof out of place. Remembering how brave he was and how far we both came makes me have so much nostalgia!

He was an old boy of 18 when I rode him again and he had arthritis of his fetlocks but we still managed to enter our first dressage competition together, gallop up the collserola hills in Barcelona and we even popped over a couple of small crosspole jumps on a couple of occasions, which he loved!

I miss my beautiful boy terribly...

I do have another blog post dedicated to him, if you wanted to read it and see more images...

Back to the main point of this blog post anyway, my Recoloso resin. After managing to get one, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I hacked away at his mane on his off side and got rid of his tail. Every time I do this on a horse I want to add mohair on, there is no going back!!

I carried on prepping and gave him his main colour...

I then added his details and it was time for the mohair.

After all of that, he was finished and I couldn't be happier with him!

I really think the mohair just adds to him swivelling on his haunches. Even m mum agrees it looks like him (she misses him too, even though she was sometimes frightened for my life at the beginning!)

Thank you for letting me talk about my handsome boy with you!

This model will be debuting at the UHH on Saturday, where it is the last chance for models to qualify for BMECS 2014. My friend will be showing some horses for me and I can't wait!


Saturday, 16 August 2014

What's up in the Studio?!

I thought it would be sensible to do another studio-update post on here to show everyone what is going on, and to keep you all in the loop!

So first up, Horatio!

Horatio has trotted in through my front door in his many resin forms and shipping has already started for him. If you would like one, he is only £30 excluding postage and he will also be available to purchase at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo (some painted ones might also be there!). If you have one that was pre-ordered and you need to pay the rest off, also contact me to arrange that. He could be on his way to you on Monday!

I am actually also about to nip to the Post Office today to get four of him sent off, exciting!

I also have some finished customs to show you, including this Suffolk Punch Britains model.

Isn't he the cutest?! I bought him for only 50 cents when I was at Breyerfest... Such a bargain for such a cute model! I am stuck on whether I want to actually sell him or not as well!

I also painted this classic scaled foal by Breyer.

The most recent model to emerge from my Studio is this Breyer Journeyman. He still needs his mane and tail adding, I hope to share his progress 'live' on my Facebook page later on this afternoon. If you are around, follow his progress!

I also have my Recoloso resin to hair, now that my white mohair has arrived... Hehe!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Current Project List

Although not 100% complete... And it may still look pretty big... But this list sure has shrunk!

Compared to what it was last time... It is much more manageable!


More Customs for the UHH

I finished SO many horses yesterday once I got my sealer spray. First up is Mary Jane Holland, my ASB Bantam that Maggie sculpted. She will be staying with me for now.

I also have two appaloosas, including a Bailadito sculpture. Spotty horses really make sculptures 'pop' sometimes! I think it is just because the colour can be so dynamic.

Another spotty includes this CollectA shetland. I have to say, I really, REALLY like this little cutey! He can't be a Shetland for a breed unfortunately because they do not come in spotted patterns but I guess he could be a British Spotted Pony of sorts... Either way, he is a cutie pie!

I also finished two fantasy customs. Both are stablemate scale and all I did was attach some wings onto them. I bought the wings at Breyerfest when I went last month (I can't believe it was only last month, SO much has happened since!) I have one pair left to use that I will hopefully stick onto a final Stablemate before the Hullabaloo comes round.

First up is this white grey pegasus on the G1 Arabian mould.

The second one is the Breyer G3 mustang. He certainly is a 'dark' fellow!

The last model to show is a Breyer Idocus. I used some new Createx paints on him and I get on with them rather well. I achieved some nice shading on him.

Although these were painted for the Hullabaloo, if anyone isn't attending yet wants to purchase any of my models just check out my Sales page. I will be updating it shortly anyway!


Monday, 11 August 2014

Animal Artistry Show Cob

I ran out of Sealer last week and so had some ordered to pick up when I was in town next. I was only just able to get into town where I managed to get it and finally finish some more horses so I am able to have them for the Hullabaloo. Up first is this Show Cob, who was meant for my personal collection but I am willing to sell.

He really is a nice model.

I also completed this Breyer Arabian who was painted to sell. He will be priced at £40. He is a flaxen chestnut and has lovely shading!

More photos are coming very soon!


Friday, 8 August 2014

Another Painted Tanoka Medallion

After the Tanoka medallion giveaway I did back last month, the winner received their medallion and has even already painted it. Talk about fast work! Didn't they do a wonderful job?!

Painted by Lydia O'Donoghue
I can't wait to see more of these painted up. He seems to suit every colour!


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Seunta LLC Sister Resin

This one was painted for my personal collection, but if I get offers of around £90 (dropped from £100) then I will sell! She has been painted to a flaxen chestnut with a star and two socks and is approximately classic scale.

Do you like her? If so, get in touch, she could be yours!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

So... What is in the studio?

I don't even think this is half of them! But it is a start to show you lot what I am working on. I believe it has certainly been a long while since I last shared photos of some WIPs!

A lot of the models are from Breyerfest or before, including this Step It Out Mary. I am going to paint her a chestnut with flashy whites. I will also name her Mary Jane Holland; this keeps the Mary theme going and it also incorporates one of Lady GaGa's songs. I am an extremely big Lady GaGa fan and this little lass is definitely a diva!

And the guy behind her? That is a Recoloso resin.

I have actually been after a Recoloso resin for ages and one came for sale before I went to America and I couldn't say no! He will be a portrait of my old horse Tanoka, like my medallion. This resin really, really reminds me of him and I get really bad nostalgia when I work on him!

Another model I purchased before jetting off to America included this Breyer Journeyman.

I have removed his mane, left a bit of his tail to work as a dock, and shortened his ears slightly. They are certainly less animated now! In this photo, some patches there do not have primer on. He did in fact have seam splits there but they have since been fixed and I still need to sand and then finish prepping before paint. He was going to be a nice leopard spot! Let's see if that idea remains...

With this artist china piece, the idea kind of remained, but not quite... He was going to be a bright bay but I just wanted to keep emphasizing his shading!

He is drying in this photo, and will have minimal whites, but I do like the shading I have achieved. He was meant to be for my personal collection, but I think I will accept offers on him. I will have to see!

It is funny, because that photo is out of date by about ten minutes or so, because right after I took it I worked on the Breyer Breeds of the World Andalusian standing behind him. The base is now gone along with the tail.

I need to rebuild his hooves, obviously sculpt a new tail and fix his hindquarter there. I also want to get that mane off and I am still debating the best way to do it... Do I just sit there with the dremmel (mine isn't that good) or literally saw it off and rebuild from scratch?

And who could forget this purchase I made at Breyerfest?! Swoon!

I haven't done anything with him yet unfortunately, but I will be soon. I need to get commissions out of the way and the other models I have in progress so I feel more under control before I tackle him!

And last, but my NO means least (I haven't shown you many of the models in my studio, but these are the most interesting) is this Breyer Stablemate...

She has been transformed into a pegasus and, in this photo, is waiting for her primer to dry. I am excited about her!

But I am excited about all of my projects, really. I can't wait for them to progress further!


Monday, 4 August 2014

Wee Jay's New Stand

I gave my Wee Jay another jump base originally because I wasn't keen on his stone wall jump. However, I still felt it distracted from him as a model himself, so when I was at Breyerfest I stumbled upon a lady that made custom model horse stands. I couldn't say no!

All the focus can now be on Fudge himself. I want to enter him into some performance classes maybe as I did a couple of years ago, but would still need a showjumper rider. I have a cross country rider though... I do have this cute little 'MHL' jump that was made for the MHL SR 2014 back in February!

Look at him fly!