Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Current Project List

Although not 100% complete... And it may still look pretty big... But this list sure has shrunk!

Compared to what it was last time... It is much more manageable!



  1. Can I reserve a hamlet for the UHH please as I was going to get one but I ran out of time;( I NEED HIM!!!

  2. oh and... sorry Claire;) I just saw a CM journeyman appaloosa on your list - could I reserve/hold him for the hullabaloo as well as I conga the mould and would love to contribute one of your customs to the conga!! XD

    1. Hiya! Hehe yes if you want to! :-) I still need to do his feet and put mohair on him and then he will be done, and I will share pictures on my website so you an see him!

      See you there! It is two weeks today! :o