Tuesday, 12 August 2014

More Customs for the UHH

I finished SO many horses yesterday once I got my sealer spray. First up is Mary Jane Holland, my ASB Bantam that Maggie sculpted. She will be staying with me for now.

I also have two appaloosas, including a Bailadito sculpture. Spotty horses really make sculptures 'pop' sometimes! I think it is just because the colour can be so dynamic.

Another spotty includes this CollectA shetland. I have to say, I really, REALLY like this little cutey! He can't be a Shetland for a breed unfortunately because they do not come in spotted patterns but I guess he could be a British Spotted Pony of sorts... Either way, he is a cutie pie!

I also finished two fantasy customs. Both are stablemate scale and all I did was attach some wings onto them. I bought the wings at Breyerfest when I went last month (I can't believe it was only last month, SO much has happened since!) I have one pair left to use that I will hopefully stick onto a final Stablemate before the Hullabaloo comes round.

First up is this white grey pegasus on the G1 Arabian mould.

The second one is the Breyer G3 mustang. He certainly is a 'dark' fellow!

The last model to show is a Breyer Idocus. I used some new Createx paints on him and I get on with them rather well. I achieved some nice shading on him.

Although these were painted for the Hullabaloo, if anyone isn't attending yet wants to purchase any of my models just check out my Sales page. I will be updating it shortly anyway!