Tuesday, 5 August 2014

So... What is in the studio?

I don't even think this is half of them! But it is a start to show you lot what I am working on. I believe it has certainly been a long while since I last shared photos of some WIPs!

A lot of the models are from Breyerfest or before, including this Step It Out Mary. I am going to paint her a chestnut with flashy whites. I will also name her Mary Jane Holland; this keeps the Mary theme going and it also incorporates one of Lady GaGa's songs. I am an extremely big Lady GaGa fan and this little lass is definitely a diva!

And the guy behind her? That is a Recoloso resin.

I have actually been after a Recoloso resin for ages and one came for sale before I went to America and I couldn't say no! He will be a portrait of my old horse Tanoka, like my medallion. This resin really, really reminds me of him and I get really bad nostalgia when I work on him!

Another model I purchased before jetting off to America included this Breyer Journeyman.

I have removed his mane, left a bit of his tail to work as a dock, and shortened his ears slightly. They are certainly less animated now! In this photo, some patches there do not have primer on. He did in fact have seam splits there but they have since been fixed and I still need to sand and then finish prepping before paint. He was going to be a nice leopard spot! Let's see if that idea remains...

With this artist china piece, the idea kind of remained, but not quite... He was going to be a bright bay but I just wanted to keep emphasizing his shading!

He is drying in this photo, and will have minimal whites, but I do like the shading I have achieved. He was meant to be for my personal collection, but I think I will accept offers on him. I will have to see!

It is funny, because that photo is out of date by about ten minutes or so, because right after I took it I worked on the Breyer Breeds of the World Andalusian standing behind him. The base is now gone along with the tail.

I need to rebuild his hooves, obviously sculpt a new tail and fix his hindquarter there. I also want to get that mane off and I am still debating the best way to do it... Do I just sit there with the dremmel (mine isn't that good) or literally saw it off and rebuild from scratch?

And who could forget this purchase I made at Breyerfest?! Swoon!

I haven't done anything with him yet unfortunately, but I will be soon. I need to get commissions out of the way and the other models I have in progress so I feel more under control before I tackle him!

And last, but my NO means least (I haven't shown you many of the models in my studio, but these are the most interesting) is this Breyer Stablemate...

She has been transformed into a pegasus and, in this photo, is waiting for her primer to dry. I am excited about her!

But I am excited about all of my projects, really. I can't wait for them to progress further!


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