Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Night Heather and Moonlit Dale

So these were the two resin model horses that I never blogged about... Until now, that is!

I kept them quiet while I waited for the UHH to commence. I painted them on behalf of Kelly as a guest artist, and I feel so honoured to be able to have the opportunity. As mentioned in this UHH 2014 blog post, they went to auction where they fetched £90.

I painted the mare as a really mealy bay, and the foal a simple black colour as I was influenced by this particular photo I found online (I know the foal here is greying out but I felt that this particular foal sculpture, because he isn't fluffy as such, he should remain dark).

I received another unpainted set as a Thank You... I had a colour in mind but now I am thinking otherwise... We shall see what happens with them as I am sure to paint them eventually... It may not be until Christmas, but I guess that gives me more time to decide!


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