Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Painted Trenzetter Resin

This resin I bought while I was travelling in America and went to Breyerfest. He had always been one of my grails and I simply thought 'why not' while I was there... He was at a discounted price, I didn't have to pay postage across the pond AND it also meant no customs charges! Hurrah!

I had wanted to do him a buckskin colour of some form and when I was painting a few the same colour in my studio in the run up to the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo this year, I decided to have him prepped and have colour splashed on to see how it all went...

Well, it went better than expected and at one point on the Wednesday before the Hullabaloo (I left Thursday morning... the day after...) I thought to myself, could I get him finished in time?

... And I did!

I am SO SO pleased with how his shading turned out, and it is definitely one of my best buckskins to date (and some people have argued its my best WORK to date - thank you so much!) I managed to show him off at the Hullabaloo where everyone oggled him and took photos. He really does have a presence in the room, even if he is a 'lump of plastic'!

He is one for my personal collection, and he is already in my cabinet prancing around the other resins in there. I really recommend Maggie Bennett's work, her sculptures are beautiful.

I still have my Persia resin that I also bought from visiting Lexington, KY. I will get to her eventually... I want to be able to hair prep her though...


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