Monday, 1 September 2014

Utterly Horses Hullabaloo Part Two - Arriving and Setting Up!

After the National Stud Tour,

 I came back to where the Hullabaloo was taking place and set up my table for the next three days.

I had some special acrylic steps to display my mini models on in order to give them height against the traditionals I also had, and I also brought along some original sculptures.

I am not going to lie, the majority of the horses were not packed until 10am the same morning! I had packed some but I also had to get together the medallions, the Hamlets and Horatios, pack clothes and some food bits, more models... From 8am until I left at 10.45am I was in such a frantic state! Packing included these ones from my showstring, that I planned on having shown for me in the Open Show on Saturday.

After setting up my stall, I went to help out other people that had arrived for the weekend including sculptors Kelly Sealey and Donna Chaney. Although we had more to do, we stopped and had dinner together. The food provided each and every night was amazing (and deserves a mention in every blog post!) the dessert was a special chocolate brownie and we had an entire POT of chocolate sauce... Which some of us filled our spoons with!

We helped set up some more tables after dinner such as for the painting and diorama making area, and we also put together the cabinet by the lecture hall with the auction items with Jackie Radwanski and Bernadette of Crystal Moon Studios. Once all was set up for the start of the event the next day, some of us went to a nearby foodstore for extra supplies for food.

The next blog post will feature photos of the nest few days that ensued...


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