Thursday, 2 October 2014

Samson Resin Commission

**I am dedicating this blog post to a young model horse hobbyist known as Leah Little, who unfortunately passed away last month due to having a horrible illness. She was a very strong person and will never be forgotten.**

This resin, known as Samson, is a relatively new release from Horsing Around UK. Earlier in August, I was commissioned to paint this particular model as a dappled buckskin. I found a beautiful mare and foal for reference,

and as soon as the stallion arrived I started painting!

Unforutnatley when I started painting this commission we weren't having the best weather in the UK and it meant that paint took while longer to dry... This was frustrating as I wanted to get this one completed for my friend as quickly as I could, so she could enjoy him.

The weather did eventually get better as I progressed, though.

I wanted to have the stallion done by the time the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo came around, but there was a small area on the mane I wasn't happy with and I was under no pressure to rush nor did I want to ruin the paintwork I had already produced. Because of this, I came back to him straight after arriving home from the festival and I finished him off for my friend, and then sent him to Ireland.

I know the photos are of poor quality and I apologise, but you can still see the gorgeous resin that I was allowed to paint!

I was tempted to get this particular resin for my own collection too and I will hopefully do so one day (... Christmas present, perhaps?!) but for now, I am just grateful to be able to paint one. So I would like to thank you Leah for the opportunity and how lucky I am to have been able to know you. (I also hope you liked the other presents I put in the box for you too!)

Sleep tight xxx


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