Saturday, 31 January 2015

'Henriette' Fjord Pony Mare Medallion - now available

Henriette is now available to order (in white resin only at the moment! Message me if you would like otherwise) through my website. She is £13 each or two for £25 and the first five orders places will have postage included in that price, just view the website and use the paypal button, and don't add postage on! I will include any Hamlets or Horatios in that postage-free too if people want them (two Hamlets and two Horatios only remain!)

You can also take advantage of the offer and have a Henriette AND Tanoka medallion if you wish, for the £25... :)

Thanks for looking!


Casting Henriette Part Three: Having Fun!

Why stick to one colour when casting?

I mean, why not try out a different colour... Like blue, for example?

Or even pink?

Hahaha! I have been having GREAT fun casting different colour medallions! I am not sure if they are particularly popular with people, but they can always be painted too and don't have to remain their colour. Just makes it a bit different for me I guess! It certainly is funny when you pour a random colour into the mould, though...

I purchased some coloured pigments (as explained in the previous blog post) where it alters the colour of the original beige resin. I bought a white, a blue and a red, so the pink was made from mixing the red and white... I can also make purple too!

Of course, I certainly plan on painting some as well, and I look forward to what other painters do to this sculpture too!

Thanks for letting me share this with you all, it has been a fun weekend!


Casting Henriette Part Two: The first Casting

I managed to get some sleep overnight and woke up to check on the mould, which had completely set just fine and so I took out the clay sculpture... It came out in one piece which never usually happens!

I am tempted to cut where those ridges are to get rid of some of the silica and make it smaller but we shall see! But anyway. Some people usually fill their mould with water to then see how much resin in mL it would take to fill. Instead, I actually just get on and cast with it; the first casting cleans up the mould and also it helps me to see where the troublesome areas are, so I can keep an eye and make sure there are no nasty places where air can get trapped.

Luckily for me, this one is a pretty flat medallion and I had no problems!

Mixing the polyurethane resin I have together (it is supplied in two parts, A and B), I mixed in also some white pigment to make the resin paler in colour. My resin is beige, and I wanted to make whiter copies as I personally think they look nicer. I just added in a bit to see what the effect would be, but I got it perfect first time. I also got the amount of resin I needed to add in perfect first time, too!

After pouring the lot in, I waited for 20 to 30 minutes, the approximate time for the resin to set completely. If you take the resin out when it is still toffee-like in curing, you can bend your final product which isn't ideal!

Tick tock tick tock...

After the time period and the model was set, I slowly prised it from the mould... And this was the result!

A pretty much perfect casting and a fantastic casting for a first pour in the mould! There were some bits of clay it picked up to clean the mould itself out, but apart from that I cannot fault this and I am super, super happy.

Based on this success I will be able to price this one up and offer her for sale soon via my website. Yippee! Part Three is coming soon, where I do some more castings...


Casting Henriette Part One: Pouring the Mould

I am going to document my moulding and casting process of Henriette, my finished Fjord pony mare medallion that I have been working on this past month.

Henriette was complete as a sculpture and so I was ready to create a mould of her in which to cast resin copies from. In creating the mould, I found a tub which I secured her into... I even used extra clay for this to create a seal with the bottom so none of the silica could seep underneath.

Unfortunately I had limited supplies for an ideal mould box, so the one I used here was too big (and it meant that I ended up using about 500 mL of silica when I didn't need to!) but it did the job.

I used a disposable pot to mix it in and bought the mixing sticks (they are actually tongue depressors!) in the background is the catalyst used to set the silica. The cure time for this one was 8 hours so I ran it overnight last night, which worked well for me although I couldn't sleep because I was slightly excited, LOL!

And so the pouring begins... This is the scary bit! It can either go completely wrong (i.e. what if the silica doesn't set?! What if I get loads of air bubbles on and around my model? It would ruin the castings!)

I pour slowly and leave the pot in one place as I pour, so the silica can find its own route in the model and fill in all the nooks and crannies.

And still pouring... You want to keep on pouring until the silica completely fills the mould box and becomes one level top, so you can't see any medallion at all and it looks like just white liquid is in your container.

A lot of bubbles appeared on the top: this is actually a good thing! It means that the more bubbles presenting on the surface as the air rises up to escape, the less chances of there being bubbles on the object in the silica, meaning that it should be a good mould to cast from.

And now? We wait! Time for some ZZZ, as the silica cures...

Part 2 will be unveiling the mould once the silica has cured, and pouring the first casting...


Sunday, 25 January 2015

The possibilities of the Fjord Horse...

With the decision being made that I was to sculpt a Norwegian Fjord as my next artistic project, it certainly dawned on me that perhaps colour opportunities would be minimal. Despite all artists having different styles, it compelled me to search for different Fjords, including colours and hairstyles!

While doing a little research, it was apparent how wrong I was... There are many possibilities!

Left to right: red dun, white dun, mouse dun, 'normal' dun and the grey dun. Image not mine!
Usually, the most common fjord is just plain normal dun of colour, when in fact some of the most beautiful horses in the real world are otherwise! Just look at this Fjord...

Again, image not mine!

The different duns can vary in shades, dapples or no dapples... And of course, the hairstyle!

Photos not mine...

The background on the Henriette piece I am sculpting should continue to give variation. Basically, I am extremely excited about getting her cast. I am going to order the casting materials within this coming week to do at home at the weekend. I am also thinking about purchasing pigments to alter the resin colour slightly... Let's see how this all turns out1


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

An update on Henriette

I have been working and working on this medallion and it seems like every time I show an update, she has drastically changed! Last night I worked on her for 2 solid hours and even though I can still see areas I want to improve, I had to stop and call it a day. Perhaps I will have more time later to sculpt some more...

I guess, at least she is gradually getting there and I am getting happier with her progress each time. I am still having trouble with that neck! Nearly there, but not quite...


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First Custom of 2015

As well as being my first completed custom of the year, it is also a commission piece and the first piece I have completed in over 5 months, which makes me extremely proud and confirms I am seeing the light again in my creativity! This model gave me nothing but problems in the HUGE amount of time I have had him (coming up to three years this summer!) but it is good that he is finally done and the amount of people that want him in their collection is astonishing!

It is lovely, when the light shines on him properly you can see his gloriously pink undertones in his roan coat...

Despite the problems, I had great fun with him!


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Starting to sculpt Henriette

Before I even started sculpting my Fjord Pony Medallion, she had a name; Henriette. I have had some spare time in the evenings recently as university hasn't properly started yet which has meant that I have been able to get a move on with her. I am having such fun!

I have already lost count of the hours, I think it is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours in? I want to make her more relief than she already is, so her hindquarters, barrel and shoulder are all more properly and proportionally defined. I was working a great deal on her face last night (and it was so fun adding in those neck wrinkles!) however the photo has shown me areas I still want to make perfect...

I have to go to lectures now though, but I will be picking her up later this afternoon before I head out for the evening!


Saturday, 10 January 2015

A New Medallion Idea for 2015

I always find it best to draw out ideas before implementing them into clay form. That way, I can visualise if it will work, particularly with medallions. On my list for sculpting for 2015 includes this sketch that I completed towards the end of last year in 2014, a Fjord pony.

Returning to university later today in London, and leaving my full horse sculpture I am currently working on behind, I will need a project to keep me going in between studying for my finals! I thought a simple medallion will be a nice one to get started on. I am looking forward to it!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Better late than never!

I had the most perfect end to 2014, taking the horses to the beach for a glorious ride. I then partied into 2015 before my body decided to literally throw a massive hissy fit and since January 1st I have been poorly ever since! I am slowly recovering from a flu-like illness and I nearly had to pay a trip to hospital as my asthma took a turn for the worse, but perseverance means it is now slowly recovering... Although I managed to pull a muscle in my ribs so I cannot cough properly! So I am not out of the woods yet...

I have a couple of photos of progress from in the studio so I will share them here. It is so nice because I haven't been in the studio properly in a while (the cold weather doesn't help!).

First of all is this Peter Stone ISH model horse that I have had in my studio for a good couple of years now. He is also a commission and he has taken me SO long because I had initial problems with the neck area which meant I just lost inspiration, as well as university and other commissions got in the way. The good news is that he is now 'finished' apart from details. I can't wait to get final photos up and he will be my first completed model horse of 2015 (and in a good few months!)

I also have this CollectA model horse that in this photo is awaiting white markings... She now has them and she has a black foal I need to get finished too, so I can have them paired as a set! I was never keen on this particular model from the CollectA range but after changing the colour, my mind has changed. 

This Persia resin is also being worked on... The mane has been removed and I need to get rid of the tail but there is a huge wire in the way that I need to cut through as well! I am really looking forward to spending time on this model. 

I also have some updates about the sculpture I am working on, but I will save that for another post...