Saturday, 31 January 2015

Casting Henriette Part One: Pouring the Mould

I am going to document my moulding and casting process of Henriette, my finished Fjord pony mare medallion that I have been working on this past month.

Henriette was complete as a sculpture and so I was ready to create a mould of her in which to cast resin copies from. In creating the mould, I found a tub which I secured her into... I even used extra clay for this to create a seal with the bottom so none of the silica could seep underneath.

Unfortunately I had limited supplies for an ideal mould box, so the one I used here was too big (and it meant that I ended up using about 500 mL of silica when I didn't need to!) but it did the job.

I used a disposable pot to mix it in and bought the mixing sticks (they are actually tongue depressors!) in the background is the catalyst used to set the silica. The cure time for this one was 8 hours so I ran it overnight last night, which worked well for me although I couldn't sleep because I was slightly excited, LOL!

And so the pouring begins... This is the scary bit! It can either go completely wrong (i.e. what if the silica doesn't set?! What if I get loads of air bubbles on and around my model? It would ruin the castings!)

I pour slowly and leave the pot in one place as I pour, so the silica can find its own route in the model and fill in all the nooks and crannies.

And still pouring... You want to keep on pouring until the silica completely fills the mould box and becomes one level top, so you can't see any medallion at all and it looks like just white liquid is in your container.

A lot of bubbles appeared on the top: this is actually a good thing! It means that the more bubbles presenting on the surface as the air rises up to escape, the less chances of there being bubbles on the object in the silica, meaning that it should be a good mould to cast from.

And now? We wait! Time for some ZZZ, as the silica cures...

Part 2 will be unveiling the mould once the silica has cured, and pouring the first casting...


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