Saturday, 31 January 2015

Casting Henriette Part Two: The first Casting

I managed to get some sleep overnight and woke up to check on the mould, which had completely set just fine and so I took out the clay sculpture... It came out in one piece which never usually happens!

I am tempted to cut where those ridges are to get rid of some of the silica and make it smaller but we shall see! But anyway. Some people usually fill their mould with water to then see how much resin in mL it would take to fill. Instead, I actually just get on and cast with it; the first casting cleans up the mould and also it helps me to see where the troublesome areas are, so I can keep an eye and make sure there are no nasty places where air can get trapped.

Luckily for me, this one is a pretty flat medallion and I had no problems!

Mixing the polyurethane resin I have together (it is supplied in two parts, A and B), I mixed in also some white pigment to make the resin paler in colour. My resin is beige, and I wanted to make whiter copies as I personally think they look nicer. I just added in a bit to see what the effect would be, but I got it perfect first time. I also got the amount of resin I needed to add in perfect first time, too!

After pouring the lot in, I waited for 20 to 30 minutes, the approximate time for the resin to set completely. If you take the resin out when it is still toffee-like in curing, you can bend your final product which isn't ideal!

Tick tock tick tock...

After the time period and the model was set, I slowly prised it from the mould... And this was the result!

A pretty much perfect casting and a fantastic casting for a first pour in the mould! There were some bits of clay it picked up to clean the mould itself out, but apart from that I cannot fault this and I am super, super happy.

Based on this success I will be able to price this one up and offer her for sale soon via my website. Yippee! Part Three is coming soon, where I do some more castings...


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