Sunday, 25 January 2015

The possibilities of the Fjord Horse...

With the decision being made that I was to sculpt a Norwegian Fjord as my next artistic project, it certainly dawned on me that perhaps colour opportunities would be minimal. Despite all artists having different styles, it compelled me to search for different Fjords, including colours and hairstyles!

While doing a little research, it was apparent how wrong I was... There are many possibilities!

Left to right: red dun, white dun, mouse dun, 'normal' dun and the grey dun. Image not mine!
Usually, the most common fjord is just plain normal dun of colour, when in fact some of the most beautiful horses in the real world are otherwise! Just look at this Fjord...

Again, image not mine!

The different duns can vary in shades, dapples or no dapples... And of course, the hairstyle!

Photos not mine...

The background on the Henriette piece I am sculpting should continue to give variation. Basically, I am extremely excited about getting her cast. I am going to order the casting materials within this coming week to do at home at the weekend. I am also thinking about purchasing pigments to alter the resin colour slightly... Let's see how this all turns out1


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