Monday, 16 February 2015

Azucena Progress

This morning I worked on Azucena, my classic scaled Andalusian mare horse sculpture. I mainly worked on her facial features again, where I re-did her eyes because they were sticking out at the wrong angle and I only just summoned up the courage to gouge her old ones out and pop new ones on. This made her clay extremely malleable as I worked on her which lead to me storing her in the fridge for a period of time to cool down!

Later, I continued to work away (and even detached the head to get in real close and to make sure her eyes matched, her nostrils were ok and other fine detailing.

I am now extremely happy with the progress, and I also ordered waste moulding materials for a couple of weeks time. I still want to refine her legs as they need to be thinner and more built up in places and I also want to do her fetlocks and make sure her hooves are ok. I still want to work on her tail and finish off her mane!

But so far, I am extremely happy with her.


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