Friday, 13 February 2015

Inspiration for Friday: this GORGEOUS Fjord!

Just stumbled across this beautiful horse while searching for colour references for my next Henriette to be painted. He is pretty much in the same pose!

This image has really made me want to paint one this colour. Fjords this colour aren't often 'seen' a people tend to think of the normal yellow dun colour, especially in the model horse hobby. I would love to promote the mouse duns of the horse world! Just currently thinking of a background colour of Henriette's medallion that will make this dun 'pop'...

I am returning home today for a long weekend (and to cat-sit!) where I am thinking about possibly producing a few more castings of other medallions (such as Tanoka) in different coloured resins. But it depends on the other stuff I need to get done first (such as uni work!).

I also ordered some stuff to hopefully get printing some of my photography photos. Not saying too much, but hopefully I can pull this off and it will be exciting.

Roll on this weekend, basically!


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