Sunday, 15 February 2015

The results of a productive weekend...

As you are all probably aware, I was wanting to give printing of my photographs a go. Purchasing some fine art paper and photo mounts with sellophane sleeves, I managed to get my printer working and got some 10' by 8' prints! They do look rather professional and all they need now is to be framed and placed up on a wall in someone's house...

The bumble bee I am going to give to my friend as a gift... I had ten sheets of the fine art paper and it was so much fun generating these, so I used up all of the paper yesterday. Some prints turned out MUCH better than others. It was a great trial and error for me.

These prints are for sale; if you would like any of them please contact me, as I haven't placed any on the website yet. The nicest ones were the yellow butterfly, the grey andalusian and the chestnut showjumper there.

As well as this photography printing (which only took half of a day!) I also have squeezed in some work on Azucena, my classic scaled Andalusian mare sculpture, over Saturday evening and this morning. Last night, I spent about two hours ALONE just on adjusting her facial detail! There is still a long way to go with it as well. This morning, I spent two hours or so adjusting the muscles and comparing them thoroughly to references to ensure they were as accurate as possible although there are still places such as the off hind I want to check out further.

I haven't shared it on my website yet, either, but last week I finally made an armature for her. I bought the metal ready to be screwed onto a base and the base is an old wooden chopping board my mum gave to me as she didn't use it anymore and believed it would come in handy for my artwork... She was right!

This photo was taken last week, which is why Azucena looks... Not as good...!

In the future I would LOVE to get a rotating base of some form, so I could just swing the sculpture around. That would be great!

I also have some other news; if you have been looking closely you will see that I took Hamlet and Horatio off my sales page yesterday afternoon. I can officially and happily announce that these two editions are now sold out and it really pleases me that they sold out at exactly the same time! MANY thanks to those that have purchased from me and if you have any painted pieced by me (or painted sculptures I have created) do send photos my way as I love to see them.

Thanks for the support of my work! I am going to investigate some more moulding materials for Azucena, even though she is still quite away from the waste mould process.


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