Monday, 30 March 2015

MHL Southern Live 2015

Yesterday I held the Southern Live for Model Horse Love, an online model horse community ( where it was the second show in the South, and the fifth year of running live shows. Compared to last year, it was much more relaxed and a nicer atmosphere, and we finished at 3pm!

I baked some cakes for the occasion, including some chocolate cakes and some normal crispy cakes, which are perfect for Easter!

Arriving at the hall, we set up the tables and got the hall ready for the show to begin. My friend Liz made the rosettes which were gorgeous in colour, and it was brilliant to give out all of the prizes.

It started with Workmanship, followed by the breed classes. It was lovely to see so many lovely models in one room!

With my models, I did well with both my Trenzetter resin and my Sylph resin; Trenzetter BMECS qualified and my Sylph won his class and went on to get Fantasy champion, winning a lovely golden rosette. Sylph is easily one of my most successful show models, winning me the BMECS UK Workmanship Champion back in 2013!

At lunchtime, we held a couple of fun classes, one of them being a medallion class. I donated a Tanoka medallion for the winner, as well as there was a rosette for the winner too. What was delightful to see was that one of my sculptures came first!

I entered my Henriette medallion, where she came 3rd.

Overall, it was a fantastic day (and everyone applauded me at the end which was SO nice of them!!) The champions of the show all deserved to win, they were all absolutely flawless and were beautiful models. All in all, a very successful show.


Monday, 23 March 2015

Lots of New Customs!

When I paint horses, I tend to work on a group at a time and slowly paint away, and as it turns out they all become 'finished' simultaneously. Yesterday, I finished four models. I had this CollectA Haflinger repaint finished from a few weeks ago but I hadn't got round to taking photographs until yesterday. She is a dark bay sabino, which will make breed assigning difficult!

I also painted one of the new 2015 Stablemates; the Andalusian. This model is sporting a dapple bay coat, similar to his OF resin counterpart but much nicer, of course!

I also had a Breyer Strapless, although with a warped front leg, that I painted to a dark dapple seal bay. I am really pleased with the colour I managed to get on the coat of the model, especially the dapples. I was wondering for breed ideas too, I think Thoroughbred would work... But who knows!

The last two for this post are CollectA models again, but not new ones. I have some of the new ones on pre-order, though! I can't wait for them to arrive. Meanwhile, I have the Morgan model painted to a bright bay.

The last model for this post is the Lippizanner rearing model, repainted to a black with a star and snip and a coronet band. These are my favourite markings on a horse!

And information base on whether these are commissions, for my personal collection or sales pieces? These will all eventually be sales pieces. I want to show them for myself this year coming and to see how they get on, as also I want to make a return to BMECS after not being able to make the last two shows. It is also a two-day show this coming year which is exciting!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Detailing Azucena

Last night I spent more time on my Andalusian Mare sculpture. She is close for me to be happy with her waste mould, but I keep adding in little details and it is so much easier and worthwhile to get them done now if I am able to. I worked on her chest area last night and I am super happy with the results as this area of horses used to have me boggled, but once you get it right it makes all of the difference!

Of course, you can tell it needs smoothing out a great deal! But that will happen... I also sorted out her cheek bones and have started to finish off the detailing in her tail. Her teats were refined and she has her other lady parts under her tail too. I don't have a photo of this to show you just yet, apologies!

Plenty more photos from lots of angles will be available as soon as I am happy with her waste casting, promise! I am still not entirely happy with some of her hooves (it is mainly the near hind) where I need to refine the fetlocks and I will refine the hooves further in the waste casting, I have decided, as they are quite a vulnerable part on my sculpture and crack often (you can see this on the near hind too! This is the troublesome foot!)

I am a SUPER HAPPY girl right now though... :o)


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Another Horatio by Anne

Goooooooood morning!

I am probably about to go back to sleep for an hour or two... But aside from that, I thought I would share this beautiful Horatio that Anne Healion painted. Yep, another! Her custom work is truly wonderful and Horatio looks lovely in this unique colour.

If you have any horses I have painted, or sculptures that have been painted by someone else, feel free to send me photos of them (and progress reports!) I love to hear about them. There must be hundreds of my models out there, that is fantastic to think!

Have a great day today everyone!


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An Update on Azucena

I will give you the latest news on this mare! In around two weeks time, I will be able to clear a couple of days to do a waste casting of her via a skin mould. I will document this process and share it with you all, as it will be a learning curve for me (I just hope it goes right!).

After this, I will add on extras such as veining and she seriously needs smoothing down (but I will try and do a lot of this prior to her waste mould as well, to make it easier). I was going to add chestnuts as well then but I have added them in now, with ease, so that is good! The more you can do in the clay stage, the better, although I think veining will definitely prove to be better added as late as possible.

I will also sort her feet out then too.

I apologise for the quality of the first photo, and in the second photo here I noticed that one of the bones in the hindquarters leading to the stifle was slightly too long, but this has now been dealt with!

*sigh* I just wish my phone camera would pick up more of the facial details she has! I will get official camera photos of her soon, but going to wait until I have her waste mould and it is completed and ready to go for casting.

So about that... She will be cast by Horsing Around (yay!) I would love to try and cast her edition myself but this is simply the wrong time for me to do this, seeing as I am approaching my finals at university and I need to focus. This mare is a great distraction from studying, which is perfect for breaks (I need to release tension through art, last year I focused on portraiture for example).

People are already asking about price ranges! I will only be able to have her cast if there is enough interest, more details on how I will achieve this will be released soon. Other people have queried about prices, I have to confess I am not entirely sure just yet but I want her to be affordable (as far as affordable model horses goes!) meaning she will be between £55 and £65 if offered for general sale, but please don't quote me on this!


Friday, 6 March 2015

Garnet Update

Garnet finally has a mane, all plaited up, and a bit more detail. The face still needs work though!

I am also evaluating the possibility of having Garnet and Topaz on detachable bases. It is looking likely which is good!


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Peridot - Finished Photos

Unfortunately these photos are not the best, they don't pick up his details that he has and he is actually off balance due to an extra bit of wire coming out of his near fore hoof. I hope you can see past this!

I can't believe how quick he took to complete and I can't wait to produce more of him in pewter!

I researched into moulding and casting my micro minis on my own and it is looking very possible. They will all only need a two part mould (perhaps my rearing Arabian, Topaz, would need a three-part mould?) and I know where to purchase the tools and materials. 

With me producing them at home, this will also help to keep the costs down. I won't know prices until I start casting them and find out how much pewter each model will need but I do want to make them as cheaply as possible, ranging between £5 and £8 per model and of course doing some form of discount when people purchase all three of this first range of sculptures (yes, I plan on doing more at some point! They are great fun to do!). 

When they are all complete I will get some proper photos of them where hopefully you can see their details better but unfortunately for now these photos will have to do...

I hope you enjoy these all the same!


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Topaz, Garnet and Peridot

I have been working on these three for a while now. They are actually more advanced than this photo now, I will post more over the next few days about their progress but I wanted to give some information now about what I am up to.

For those unfamiliar to these, the rearing Arabian is Topaz, the trotting warmblood is Peridot, and the headless Hackney is Garnet. Peridot is the newest addition to these three.

Looking up casting materials, I have discovered that I will probably be able to do them myself. I have been weighing out the prices, pros and cons of casting Azucena, the classic scaled horse sculpture I am working on, but because it is my final year of university and I need no distractions, I have decided to have someone else cast her.

These micros, however, should be no problem for me and should be great fun to do!

More updates will come over the next few days and weeks as I show you photos of Peridot, who is nearly finished, and Garnet, as I attach his head back on!!!