Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An Update on Azucena

I will give you the latest news on this mare! In around two weeks time, I will be able to clear a couple of days to do a waste casting of her via a skin mould. I will document this process and share it with you all, as it will be a learning curve for me (I just hope it goes right!).

After this, I will add on extras such as veining and she seriously needs smoothing down (but I will try and do a lot of this prior to her waste mould as well, to make it easier). I was going to add chestnuts as well then but I have added them in now, with ease, so that is good! The more you can do in the clay stage, the better, although I think veining will definitely prove to be better added as late as possible.

I will also sort her feet out then too.

I apologise for the quality of the first photo, and in the second photo here I noticed that one of the bones in the hindquarters leading to the stifle was slightly too long, but this has now been dealt with!

*sigh* I just wish my phone camera would pick up more of the facial details she has! I will get official camera photos of her soon, but going to wait until I have her waste mould and it is completed and ready to go for casting.

So about that... She will be cast by Horsing Around (yay!) I would love to try and cast her edition myself but this is simply the wrong time for me to do this, seeing as I am approaching my finals at university and I need to focus. This mare is a great distraction from studying, which is perfect for breaks (I need to release tension through art, last year I focused on portraiture for example).

People are already asking about price ranges! I will only be able to have her cast if there is enough interest, more details on how I will achieve this will be released soon. Other people have queried about prices, I have to confess I am not entirely sure just yet but I want her to be affordable (as far as affordable model horses goes!) meaning she will be between £55 and £65 if offered for general sale, but please don't quote me on this!


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