Sunday, 22 March 2015

Detailing Azucena

Last night I spent more time on my Andalusian Mare sculpture. She is close for me to be happy with her waste mould, but I keep adding in little details and it is so much easier and worthwhile to get them done now if I am able to. I worked on her chest area last night and I am super happy with the results as this area of horses used to have me boggled, but once you get it right it makes all of the difference!

Of course, you can tell it needs smoothing out a great deal! But that will happen... I also sorted out her cheek bones and have started to finish off the detailing in her tail. Her teats were refined and she has her other lady parts under her tail too. I don't have a photo of this to show you just yet, apologies!

Plenty more photos from lots of angles will be available as soon as I am happy with her waste casting, promise! I am still not entirely happy with some of her hooves (it is mainly the near hind) where I need to refine the fetlocks and I will refine the hooves further in the waste casting, I have decided, as they are quite a vulnerable part on my sculpture and crack often (you can see this on the near hind too! This is the troublesome foot!)

I am a SUPER HAPPY girl right now though... :o)


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