Monday, 23 March 2015

Lots of New Customs!

When I paint horses, I tend to work on a group at a time and slowly paint away, and as it turns out they all become 'finished' simultaneously. Yesterday, I finished four models. I had this CollectA Haflinger repaint finished from a few weeks ago but I hadn't got round to taking photographs until yesterday. She is a dark bay sabino, which will make breed assigning difficult!

I also painted one of the new 2015 Stablemates; the Andalusian. This model is sporting a dapple bay coat, similar to his OF resin counterpart but much nicer, of course!

I also had a Breyer Strapless, although with a warped front leg, that I painted to a dark dapple seal bay. I am really pleased with the colour I managed to get on the coat of the model, especially the dapples. I was wondering for breed ideas too, I think Thoroughbred would work... But who knows!

The last two for this post are CollectA models again, but not new ones. I have some of the new ones on pre-order, though! I can't wait for them to arrive. Meanwhile, I have the Morgan model painted to a bright bay.

The last model for this post is the Lippizanner rearing model, repainted to a black with a star and snip and a coronet band. These are my favourite markings on a horse!

And information base on whether these are commissions, for my personal collection or sales pieces? These will all eventually be sales pieces. I want to show them for myself this year coming and to see how they get on, as also I want to make a return to BMECS after not being able to make the last two shows. It is also a two-day show this coming year which is exciting!


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