Monday, 30 March 2015

MHL Southern Live 2015

Yesterday I held the Southern Live for Model Horse Love, an online model horse community ( where it was the second show in the South, and the fifth year of running live shows. Compared to last year, it was much more relaxed and a nicer atmosphere, and we finished at 3pm!

I baked some cakes for the occasion, including some chocolate cakes and some normal crispy cakes, which are perfect for Easter!

Arriving at the hall, we set up the tables and got the hall ready for the show to begin. My friend Liz made the rosettes which were gorgeous in colour, and it was brilliant to give out all of the prizes.

It started with Workmanship, followed by the breed classes. It was lovely to see so many lovely models in one room!

With my models, I did well with both my Trenzetter resin and my Sylph resin; Trenzetter BMECS qualified and my Sylph won his class and went on to get Fantasy champion, winning a lovely golden rosette. Sylph is easily one of my most successful show models, winning me the BMECS UK Workmanship Champion back in 2013!

At lunchtime, we held a couple of fun classes, one of them being a medallion class. I donated a Tanoka medallion for the winner, as well as there was a rosette for the winner too. What was delightful to see was that one of my sculptures came first!

I entered my Henriette medallion, where she came 3rd.

Overall, it was a fantastic day (and everyone applauded me at the end which was SO nice of them!!) The champions of the show all deserved to win, they were all absolutely flawless and were beautiful models. All in all, a very successful show.


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