Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Peridot - Finished Photos

Unfortunately these photos are not the best, they don't pick up his details that he has and he is actually off balance due to an extra bit of wire coming out of his near fore hoof. I hope you can see past this!

I can't believe how quick he took to complete and I can't wait to produce more of him in pewter!

I researched into moulding and casting my micro minis on my own and it is looking very possible. They will all only need a two part mould (perhaps my rearing Arabian, Topaz, would need a three-part mould?) and I know where to purchase the tools and materials. 

With me producing them at home, this will also help to keep the costs down. I won't know prices until I start casting them and find out how much pewter each model will need but I do want to make them as cheaply as possible, ranging between £5 and £8 per model and of course doing some form of discount when people purchase all three of this first range of sculptures (yes, I plan on doing more at some point! They are great fun to do!). 

When they are all complete I will get some proper photos of them where hopefully you can see their details better but unfortunately for now these photos will have to do...

I hope you enjoy these all the same!


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