Sunday, 1 March 2015

Topaz, Garnet and Peridot

I have been working on these three for a while now. They are actually more advanced than this photo now, I will post more over the next few days about their progress but I wanted to give some information now about what I am up to.

For those unfamiliar to these, the rearing Arabian is Topaz, the trotting warmblood is Peridot, and the headless Hackney is Garnet. Peridot is the newest addition to these three.

Looking up casting materials, I have discovered that I will probably be able to do them myself. I have been weighing out the prices, pros and cons of casting Azucena, the classic scaled horse sculpture I am working on, but because it is my final year of university and I need no distractions, I have decided to have someone else cast her.

These micros, however, should be no problem for me and should be great fun to do!

More updates will come over the next few days and weeks as I show you photos of Peridot, who is nearly finished, and Garnet, as I attach his head back on!!!


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