Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Future Sculpture...?

When I do artwork, I want it to have a personal feel. For example, Azucena is based on Tanoka, a horse I used to look after (and I also sculpted a Tanoka medallion!) Earlier this year, I visited Iceland where I experienced the Blue Lagoon, one of the 25 wonders of the World, and I also got to experience the tolt upon riding an Icelandic Pony through the snow and around the mountainous scenery on this lovely island.

I really want to capture the beauty of this wonderful breed that is so pure and beautiful, with their small yet surefooted hooves and their thick, gorgeous and bushy manes, alongside their honest eyes.

I would love to recreate this breed, although many Icelandic model horses are in their pace or tolt gait. I want to keep my sculpture in a different pose to the rest and focus on the breed's intricate features themselves. This sketch only took me a couple of minutes, I was scouring the internet in search of ideal poses to inspire me and some images made this creation in my mind. Scale-wise, I am slowly working up to traditional scale (as Azucena is classic scale!).

If you are thinking about a break away somewhere, definitely consider Reykjavik. It was beautiful and a trip I won't forget!


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