Sunday, 12 April 2015

Azucena Update

So, many people are aware that I was to do her waste mould and casting the other day, where I was to finish working on her resin form for production.

Well, it didn't go to plan!

I made a skin mould, where it requires brushing on the mould every hour or so and also creating a fibreglass case for support. Although it seemed to go to plan, when I opened the mould to get my horse out, it wouldn't go back together properly (no matter how hard I tried to line it all up!) and the outer casing also didn't seem to properly encapsulate my mould after I created it.

Sure, if I did it again it would probably work... But I don't need the extra stress of that in my life right now, especially when I nearly lost my sculpture because of it! She came out of the mould earless and footless, as well as covered in knife marks. I had to build a lot of her up all over again.

Today, I took some photographs of her on my proper camera, no phone photos! They really show the details and perspectives better.

I worked on her tail last night, I was going to leave it and then work on it more in the final resin form but I thought why not now?

Obviously she still isn't 100% perfect, there are still things I want to change on her, but these aren't structural, more of the finer areas that I know will be so much easier if she was in resin.

So, who is going to do the waste mould for me?

I am so grateful for Horsing Around, who have said they are able to do a waste casting for me to finish working on the final details. This has really saved me!! I wasn't sure what I would do if it wasn't for them!

I am hoping tomorrow to send her out.

So, once I have the final, final finished resin form with all of the changes and extra detailings, will be when I offer her up for pre-order sales. I am not sure how popular she will be for general sale, so this is the best way for me to do it. If she doesn't make the 10 pre orders I would like, then no problem! I have my own final copy I can keep. I am half hoping she will though... I would love people to enjoy her.


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