Friday, 10 April 2015

Huck Custom Finished

Yesterday I finally finished my Huckleberry Bey Breyer... After a slight disaster with his base! Luckily I had some I cast in resin last year exactly for the purpose of broken discs so he is now sporting one of those. The great thing about this base is that it is already a sandy colour unpainted, so doesn't necessarily need anything doing to it - result!

He is currently for sale (£55 plus £5 postage) so if you are interested then contact me. He really is a handsome and unique chap! He would also make a GREAT pair with the OF SR Polaris...

Meanwhile, I finished one of the Stablemate models that I had in progress. This is the new 'Dungaree' Breyer that has only recently made it over to the UK. Being a quarter horse, I wanted to think of another unique colour that the breed could still pass as. In doing so, I went for a cremello colour.

I have other models on order from MPV but I am currently unsure as to when they will arrive... I heard that, due to bad weather in the States, shipping to suppliers was unfortunately delayed. I will have to see, perhaps I will email them!

Other models I still have in progress is the Breyer Stablemate Icelandic and Mustang (for 2015), and an Animal Artistry Unicorn resin. The resin needs a tad more shading and details and she will be finished.

I am also working on Azucena, my classic scaled andalusian scuplture... Some of you may be aware I was preparing a waste mould... Well, I have a lot to update you on, basically...


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