Thursday, 9 April 2015

More finished models

I finished these ones the other day. I also have more in progress that I am to finish off soon as well!

This G3 Warmblood really suits a chestnut roan. I also gave her a cheeky little snip on her muzzle!

I also finished a Union Jack resin, to a standard gorgeous bay. I gave him high socks. I am absolutely in love with the facial making I gave him.

I finally got round to completing this Animal Artistry Hackney pony as well. I need more Animal Artistries in my collection! This one has been nearly finished for a while now but unfortunately, because this model is polyester resin, the ear chipped as it is more brittle. It took me a while to fix the issue and finish him off. I am glad I did though, a wonderful representation of the breed.

I also have some models in progress, including this Breyer Huckleberry Bey. I went for a slightly unusual colour, a chestnut rabicano. All he needs now is his chestnuts and hooves coloured in. I did his eyes and facial marking after this photo was taken.

I also have three new Stablemates in progress, which I will share photos soon, and an Animal Artistry Unicorn - cast in polyurethane resin this time!


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