Monday, 20 April 2015

Pewter Micro Models... Part Two - The First Success!

So, after the first 'successful' casting of Peridot being somewhat limp (only two full legs came out!) I knew it was down to the pouring technique. Pewter is incredibly different to resin; for starters, it is HOT! Not your standard chemical reaction that takes place in resin to cause it to set, this metal is over 200 degrees!

The way it pours is also different, it seems faster and there seems to be a greater deal of surface tension (it is the only way I can describe it). I knew that I needed a metal funnel of some sort in order to slow down the pouring process and stem the flow of the pewter into the mould. I needed the pour to be quick, but also concise.

I went into town on Friday, just for some general shopping, where I stumbled across Lakeland. I LOVE this shop! Although slightly pricey, it sells all sorts of baking products, and some of my friends will know that I love baking (here is a 'healthy' carrot cake I made last night, in fact!).
I found, just through casual browsing, a small piping nozzle, capable of forming writing icing for bakers with steady hands. The nozzle hole is 2 mm across at best, which I thought would be absolutely perfect for what I wanted to achieve. And I was right!

Lo and behold, the first successful casting with ALL four legs! I was ecstatic!

There were some other casting issues, however. It took me another four or five goes to produce a second full bodied casting. I finally realised why; gravity played a big part in making sure the pewter got to the off hind of this model. Whether this is due to the mould itself (probably, it isn't very good and I was contemplating making another!) or I know that some casters have to occasionally tip their moulds to the side in order to let them cast properly, who knows. The main thing is that I am now getting good castings of Peridot that I can clean up.

So, what is coming up? I just poured the first half of Topaz's mould. Tonight, I am hoping the entire mould will be done, where I can then have a go pouring a pewter casting of her, as well as trying to clay up Garnet. I do have revision to do, however, but plenty of time for that when the mould is curing!


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