Friday, 24 April 2015

Some Photo Show Photos

Taking a break from moulding and casting my micro models, I got my background and new grass mat out and took some photographs of my models.

I bought the grass mat from Tiger, a new shop that is taking the UK (and definitely Europe) by storm. They always have little fun items in their stores, and always changing their stock based on the time of year. At the moment, they have gardening items for sale and this included a grass-themed doormat. I didn't think doormat when I saw it though, I thought 'model horse field!'

And that is what it became!

This is a CollectA Haflinger custom, who is actually for sale! Breed-wise though, absolutely stumped... I am possibly thinking a chincoteague?

This is Chocolate Chip Cookie, my CollectA Shetland that I painted for myself. She was painted to be sold but I fell in love, so she has been with me for about two years now!

It is a similar story with this one, too! I fell in love with this one last year when painting, so he is residing in my cabinet. This was a Schleich Stallion, at the moment I have completely forgotten the name of the breed!

Again, this one is for sale as well; the CollectA Welsh foal. I painted this one in oils a couple of years ago. It was a great experience, but I prefer airbrushing my acrylics. 

This is an Eris resin, I believe sculpted by Kitty Cantrell. I bought him through Equinart Creations when I went to Breyerfest last year in 2014. Not many were made at all, so he is quite a rare one I reckon! He is a rose dapple grey.

Bailadito as a dapple grey. I painted this one a couple of years ago and he is living in my cabinet with my other Bailadito resin, a bay painted by Deb Brown.

This is a Horatio resin I painted for my collection. He is known as Badger. I have another in progress as a skewbald, and he REALLY looks like a cob called Bernie at the yard I currently ride at, so I will finish him off and be keeping him, too!

This is a Hamlet for my collection, a gorgeous white grey. He really suits this colour and makes him pop as a show cob. He needs a tack set, I reckon!

And, last but not least, this gorgeous Sweet Lullaby and Very Little One, by Kelly. They are a portrait of some warmbloods at an old yard I went to, where Fan was the mother and Bunny was the foal.

This was the first time in a good few years where I have taken proper photos of the models in my collection, which made me happy. It is nice to have some like this where they look like they are in a natural environment as opposed to just a blanket for a background!


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