Friday, 29 May 2015

Pewter Micro Models... Part Five - Casting Garnet!

Well, the last (but certainly not least, I hope!) micro was needing his mould being made, in order for him to be cast. That all went swimmingly and before long, I had my first casting.

You can probably tell that this isn't the best casting - and the other side was by far worse! This can be overcome through using some talc on the moulds, which ensures a smoother finish. However, upon remelting this one and trying to cast another... I ended up burning my hand in three separate places, causing a blistering! Oops!

Needless to say, I was ready to give up altogether and just try and find someone else to cast them for me. But the next day, I tried again because I knew what went wrong! And lo and behold, a nice casting.

I have since cast two more Garnets, they are still rough and need some prepping as they are raw, but I will get on with that shortly. I can't wait until I see others enjoy these little models as much as I do!


Friday, 22 May 2015

Three Finished Schleich

These models were in progress before I left for Canada for a week's holiday (I will just share a sneaky photo I took of the Toronto Skyline!)

The Schleich TWH model is a sweet, genuine model. I painted her a simple dark bay colour but also gave her a little snip. She is for sale, priced to sell at £16 plus £3.30 UK postage.

This warmblood I also finished. She is a gorgeous honey-like chestnut colour which I am really pleased with. She is priced at £18 plus £3.3 UK postage for those interested. 

Last of all is this Shetland, almost like a one-trick pony, as he is balancing on his hind legs! He is really cute and his skewbald colour just makes him pop. He is for sale at £15, plus the £3.30 UK postage costs. 

I apologise for the terrible photos and short post that lacks detail, needless to say I am very jet-lagged right now but hopefully I will perk up over the next few days! If you are interested in any of the models, get in touch.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Progress in the Studio!

I have a couple of completed models, as well as plenty in progress! I also bought 24 unpainted Breyer Stablemates where I will probably be offering some up as 'commission-me' models. These two models I recently finished, the Icelandic has a home already. He is a lovely light chestnut colour and I think the tobiano colours make him pop!

The second model I finished is also a stablemate model, the G3 Highland Pony where I took him and took his feathers off, and resculpted the mane and tail. It makes him look like a welsh pony now!

This Highland pony is for sale, if anyone is interested, I am looking for £15 plus the £3.30 postage.

These other models are in progress. This Union Jack is a work in progress to a leopard spot appaloosa, and is a commission model. Although the first layer is only there, both the owner and I are getting excited about him! He will also get some hairing detail but not quite yet...

This last photo, although certainly not the best, shows some models I have that have their main colours done (apart from the Shetland and the Giselle, they need more white markings filling in!) and they are now awaiting their details.

I don't know when they will be done, but they are all currently sales pieces. Stay tuned!


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hamlet by Audrey Dixon

I apologise for the silence on my behalf... As I type this, I am at university in between two of my Final exams, I had my first one yesterday and my second will be on Tuesday afternoon. So, unfortunately, this means no real artistic updates or endeavors for me as I have to CRAM these final few days to the best of my ability (which is actually a good thing I can't do any sculpting or painting here, it would distract me too much!).

At the end of April, Audrey sent me these photos of a Hamlet she painted and I just have to share. He looks so lovely in this colour! It really makes me happy to see people enjoying my models and seeing them with clothes on, so to speak!

Seeing these photos made me realise I want to sculpt another miniature model... But I have Azucena to finish off and I created an armature for a traditional scale Icelandic pony!

I will post an update on Azucena soon, I promise... There was a massive set-back with her, but if everyone crosses their fingers, I might just be able to pull it off...!


Saturday, 2 May 2015

Pewter Micro Models... Part Four - a Painted Peridot!

In between revision (my exams are getting closer and closer!) I prepped and painted a Peridot Warmblood micro. I will also paint a Topaz and a Garnet, although I still need to make Garnet's mould! I also need to cast more before I open them up for ordering, so I have sets available.

He really suits the bay colour. The base I made at the Hullabaloo last year when I was sitting at my stall, Becky allowed me to take a kit back to my sales pitch and I had some fun!

So the pewters don't have to be painted, of course, they make great shelf ornaments unpainted. But the fact that they can be painted makes them incredibly versatile. I placed him next to Galeno, a pewter Andalusian by Maggie that I painted in pastels back in 2008, to show his scale further.

Time to get cracking with revision, but I hope you are as excited about these mini models as I am!