Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hamlet by Audrey Dixon

I apologise for the silence on my behalf... As I type this, I am at university in between two of my Final exams, I had my first one yesterday and my second will be on Tuesday afternoon. So, unfortunately, this means no real artistic updates or endeavors for me as I have to CRAM these final few days to the best of my ability (which is actually a good thing I can't do any sculpting or painting here, it would distract me too much!).

At the end of April, Audrey sent me these photos of a Hamlet she painted and I just have to share. He looks so lovely in this colour! It really makes me happy to see people enjoying my models and seeing them with clothes on, so to speak!

Seeing these photos made me realise I want to sculpt another miniature model... But I have Azucena to finish off and I created an armature for a traditional scale Icelandic pony!

I will post an update on Azucena soon, I promise... There was a massive set-back with her, but if everyone crosses their fingers, I might just be able to pull it off...!


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