Saturday, 2 May 2015

Pewter Micro Models... Part Four - a Painted Peridot!

In between revision (my exams are getting closer and closer!) I prepped and painted a Peridot Warmblood micro. I will also paint a Topaz and a Garnet, although I still need to make Garnet's mould! I also need to cast more before I open them up for ordering, so I have sets available.

He really suits the bay colour. The base I made at the Hullabaloo last year when I was sitting at my stall, Becky allowed me to take a kit back to my sales pitch and I had some fun!

So the pewters don't have to be painted, of course, they make great shelf ornaments unpainted. But the fact that they can be painted makes them incredibly versatile. I placed him next to Galeno, a pewter Andalusian by Maggie that I painted in pastels back in 2008, to show his scale further.

Time to get cracking with revision, but I hope you are as excited about these mini models as I am!


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