Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Progress in the Studio!

I have a couple of completed models, as well as plenty in progress! I also bought 24 unpainted Breyer Stablemates where I will probably be offering some up as 'commission-me' models. These two models I recently finished, the Icelandic has a home already. He is a lovely light chestnut colour and I think the tobiano colours make him pop!

The second model I finished is also a stablemate model, the G3 Highland Pony where I took him and took his feathers off, and resculpted the mane and tail. It makes him look like a welsh pony now!

This Highland pony is for sale, if anyone is interested, I am looking for £15 plus the £3.30 postage.

These other models are in progress. This Union Jack is a work in progress to a leopard spot appaloosa, and is a commission model. Although the first layer is only there, both the owner and I are getting excited about him! He will also get some hairing detail but not quite yet...

This last photo, although certainly not the best, shows some models I have that have their main colours done (apart from the Shetland and the Giselle, they need more white markings filling in!) and they are now awaiting their details.

I don't know when they will be done, but they are all currently sales pieces. Stay tuned!


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