Thursday, 23 July 2015

Studio Announcement

Unfortunately I have had to make the decision to stop all sales until further notice in my studio, as this Sunday I am moving house to my new place and I start my new job as a Pre-registration Pharmacist, having graduated on Tuesday with a 2.1 degree in Pharmacy from King's College London!

Of course, I will still be working on my sculpting in my new place, there is just no space to paint etc. I am going off painting for the time being anyway, I need to focus on my career ahead but I still want to create the horses. Azucena will nearly be finished, and she will be offered up to the public to see if she will be popular enough to have cast, and I have my Icelandic pony dream in my mind I want to create!

But, for the time being, I am unable to cast my own medallions and pewter micro sculptures, I cannot take my stuff with me or my model horses, so cannot sell any customs I have for sale currently. They will just have to reside with me for the time being.

Thanks for being so understanding!


Fixing Azucena's Neck

I hadn't noticed much before Azucena was cast as a waste model, I knew the head was more tucked in but I didn't follow it up on my references or thought much of it until some friends pointed it out. And they were right, her headset was all wrong and she looked top-heavy with one too many vertebrae in her spine!

I want Azucena to be as good as I can get her. So, out came the saw and I cut a wedge out of the top near her poll and also cut underneath her head straight up.

I simply boiled the kettle and filled the mug full of hot water, and placed her head inside for a good few seconds prior to bending it into an alternative position and fixing with cold water. I then filled in the gaps with apoxie. I still need to sand it down and resculpt over the top, but you can see the difference it has made to her.

Now she is looking like she used to, but better. I am also making the tail thicker and more flowy in places, to not only make sure the sculpture is balanced but to make her more aesthetically pleasing in general! I know how much we all love nice sculpted tails!

Stay tuned for further updates...


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Azucena Progress

As soon as I had a waste cast of Azucena (you can read about my problems with moulding here), I got to work on her and continuously prepped her. I sprayed her over with a mist of grey primer to help me to identify any lumps and bumps, and general bits I had missed.

There are still a great deal of pin holes I need to sort... A prepper's worst nightmare! She also only had one of her ears in place when she came out of the mould, as you can see from the above photo. I wasn't entirely happy with the ears and was going to continue to carve them out and resculpt them in some places, so I didn't mind this. I rebuilt her ear after fixing wire there and was much happier with it, in this photo I need to wait for it to set and then continue to work on it some more. The ears add so much character.

When I fixed the wire into her head to sculpt the ear, I also fixed some in her buttocks to create her new tail (again, this didn't cast and it was only going to be built up on anyway!) and I got some apoxie to make a rough shape of the new tail. I had to admit, I am liking this tail so much more than the other!

I think this is another learning curve for me, I should leave the manes and tails until the sculpture itself is sturdy for me to sculpt them and have a play with them, and to use stronger wire in the armature itself.

I will update with more progress as it continues...


Two Spotty Botties!

I completely failed to share these two with you before I went away for a few weeks! Better late than never, I suppose.

I finished the Union Jack commission I had, the owner was very pleased (I was too!). He really suits the spotty coat and I gave him all of the appaloosa traits. I wish I could have kept him!

The other custom was a Breyer Giselle, to a blanket spot liver chestnut appaloosa in colour. I painted this one to sell, she is priced at £50 (excluding postage!) if you are interested in her, please contact me.

I need to purchase some more primer before I paint anymore horses... I have two traditional Breyer bodies and two CollectA bodies, however I am soon to be moving once more as I start my new job in Hertfordshire, where I won't be able to paint but only sculpt... So soon I will not be producing new painted pieces.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Meet 'Copperfox Rochester' - My SR Buckskin Welsh!

So, last night after about 10 days of waiting I finally opened my Copperfox welshie up... And I LOVE him!

I can't understand why people are annoyed... Ok some flaws might be really annoying, I have looked at mine and there are maybe two places that could benefit from some little bits of paint, but they could be easily missed and I was being nit-picky... I mean I have also seen some photos of some horrible rubs but just glad mine is fine. And as for the dapples? Well, I actually like them!

He could probably benefit from a bit of shading around his head, but look at those eyes...

FOUR colours in there. And how many do Breyers have? Two. I also don't have a photo of his hooves, but for those that have a Copperfox model just look again. They have hoof growth detailing (and I don't mean the white band).

IMO, bar a couple of random ones, the dappling is spot on (no pun intended :lol: ) They are sporadic and lovely and small. In some areas they blend in well, in others they don't but comparing once more to Breyers that are currently on the market, I find their dapples much less realistic and repetitive. I think if some slight extra work was to be put into these models (i.e. a couple more layers to build the dapples up and to add subtlety, but this comes with practice!) then they will be absolutely wonderful.

My last comment - we are comparing these RR mass produced models to OOAK Deb Brown prototypes. That is a HUGE comparison. I think we all need to remember that we have helped to set up a new business in the model horse world, something that is (and already has) made a huge piece of history not only to us, but to Britain and the Native Breeds. I will be cherishing Mr. Rochester and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this fantastic company!