Thursday, 9 July 2015

Azucena Progress

As soon as I had a waste cast of Azucena (you can read about my problems with moulding here), I got to work on her and continuously prepped her. I sprayed her over with a mist of grey primer to help me to identify any lumps and bumps, and general bits I had missed.

There are still a great deal of pin holes I need to sort... A prepper's worst nightmare! She also only had one of her ears in place when she came out of the mould, as you can see from the above photo. I wasn't entirely happy with the ears and was going to continue to carve them out and resculpt them in some places, so I didn't mind this. I rebuilt her ear after fixing wire there and was much happier with it, in this photo I need to wait for it to set and then continue to work on it some more. The ears add so much character.

When I fixed the wire into her head to sculpt the ear, I also fixed some in her buttocks to create her new tail (again, this didn't cast and it was only going to be built up on anyway!) and I got some apoxie to make a rough shape of the new tail. I had to admit, I am liking this tail so much more than the other!

I think this is another learning curve for me, I should leave the manes and tails until the sculpture itself is sturdy for me to sculpt them and have a play with them, and to use stronger wire in the armature itself.

I will update with more progress as it continues...


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