Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fixing Azucena's Neck

I hadn't noticed much before Azucena was cast as a waste model, I knew the head was more tucked in but I didn't follow it up on my references or thought much of it until some friends pointed it out. And they were right, her headset was all wrong and she looked top-heavy with one too many vertebrae in her spine!

I want Azucena to be as good as I can get her. So, out came the saw and I cut a wedge out of the top near her poll and also cut underneath her head straight up.

I simply boiled the kettle and filled the mug full of hot water, and placed her head inside for a good few seconds prior to bending it into an alternative position and fixing with cold water. I then filled in the gaps with apoxie. I still need to sand it down and resculpt over the top, but you can see the difference it has made to her.

Now she is looking like she used to, but better. I am also making the tail thicker and more flowy in places, to not only make sure the sculpture is balanced but to make her more aesthetically pleasing in general! I know how much we all love nice sculpted tails!

Stay tuned for further updates...


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