Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Meet 'Copperfox Rochester' - My SR Buckskin Welsh!

So, last night after about 10 days of waiting I finally opened my Copperfox welshie up... And I LOVE him!

I can't understand why people are annoyed... Ok some flaws might be really annoying, I have looked at mine and there are maybe two places that could benefit from some little bits of paint, but they could be easily missed and I was being nit-picky... I mean I have also seen some photos of some horrible rubs but just glad mine is fine. And as for the dapples? Well, I actually like them!

He could probably benefit from a bit of shading around his head, but look at those eyes...

FOUR colours in there. And how many do Breyers have? Two. I also don't have a photo of his hooves, but for those that have a Copperfox model just look again. They have hoof growth detailing (and I don't mean the white band).

IMO, bar a couple of random ones, the dappling is spot on (no pun intended :lol: ) They are sporadic and lovely and small. In some areas they blend in well, in others they don't but comparing once more to Breyers that are currently on the market, I find their dapples much less realistic and repetitive. I think if some slight extra work was to be put into these models (i.e. a couple more layers to build the dapples up and to add subtlety, but this comes with practice!) then they will be absolutely wonderful.

My last comment - we are comparing these RR mass produced models to OOAK Deb Brown prototypes. That is a HUGE comparison. I think we all need to remember that we have helped to set up a new business in the model horse world, something that is (and already has) made a huge piece of history not only to us, but to Britain and the Native Breeds. I will be cherishing Mr. Rochester and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this fantastic company!


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