Thursday, 9 July 2015

Two Spotty Botties!

I completely failed to share these two with you before I went away for a few weeks! Better late than never, I suppose.

I finished the Union Jack commission I had, the owner was very pleased (I was too!). He really suits the spotty coat and I gave him all of the appaloosa traits. I wish I could have kept him!

The other custom was a Breyer Giselle, to a blanket spot liver chestnut appaloosa in colour. I painted this one to sell, she is priced at £50 (excluding postage!) if you are interested in her, please contact me.

I need to purchase some more primer before I paint anymore horses... I have two traditional Breyer bodies and two CollectA bodies, however I am soon to be moving once more as I start my new job in Hertfordshire, where I won't be able to paint but only sculpt... So soon I will not be producing new painted pieces.


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