Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year!

It has been a good while since I wrote on this blog, I thought I should do a 2015 review before I got cracking with my other updates... Not that there are many, I am afraid!

After becoming ill in the second half of 2014, and with my final year at university looming, I had to take a strong backseat with my artwork and creativity. Funnily enough, there were no urges to draw, paint or sculpt like there usually is. I think I have had a few 'burnout' phases over the past couple of years, which has led to quiet periods but it has allowed me to focus on other things, like gaining my Upper Second Class Honours Masters degree in Pharmacy.

One of the biggest achievements in my life... So far!

I am continuing to study, yet I am doing so while I am working as I am in training for yet another year. After July 2016, assuming everything goes well, I will become a practising Pharmacist, which is a scary but exciting thought!

These first few months working as a Pre-registration Pharmacist have been busy, at times stressful, but hugely rewarding and as I look back I can see how far I have progressed. As the months have flown by (literally!) I have become accustomed to the working life and being able to balance my social life and working life, and recently have been channeling my creative streaks.

For half of the week, however, I look after my new Share Horse, an ex-racehorse, who is absolutely gorgeous and she is a thrill to ride. Yet another thing to take up my time!

My new Share Horse, Ruby. 

I know I say this a great deal, and you all must be absolutely sick of hearing it, but I don't care, and I am going to say it again (and again and again...) but Thank You. Thank you for being there all throughout my times of being quiet and disappearing, to the coming back and flooding my website and Facebook Page with information and my latest endeavours, I truly appreciate it and the support for what I do is overwhelming! It means so much!

I thought I would do a little wrap-up post of what I managed to achieve in 2015, which although wasn't a lot, were pretty big steps for me.

1. Henriette Fjord Medallion Sculpture
I had so much fun with creating this piece! I had always wanted to sculpt a Fjord in a medallion, and I also had always wanted to sculpt a gigantic horse butt. So, why not both?!

2. Pewter Micro Minis
I had lots more fun creating these guys too: Topaz, Garnet and Peridot. They were cast in Pewter and although unfortunately now unavailable, I do plan in the future at some point to create more sculptures of this size, but perhaps cast them in resin. Although the Pewter is quick and effective at picking up the details, I found it difficult to cast them (and I also have a nasty scar on my hand!).

3. Completing Azucena
Words cannot express how proud I am for completing this classic scale mare. She has been a rollercoaster, causing me grief at the rough casting stage and I thought it would never end. To say that she is finished is great and I am treating her as a massive learning curve. I am not fussed that she didn't sell as a sculpture, but she has meant that all of those things I learnt I can use on a new sculpture that I am currently working on...

So, what is this new sculpture I am working on, I hear you ask? Wait and see, I shall do another blog post soon... (little hint, though - click here!)

I hope you all have a smashing 2016!!


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