Sunday, 31 January 2016

Icelandic's Clay Form Done!

Today was a lazy Sunday. After recovering from the live show I held yesterday, I decided to potter about and also do a bit of work on my sculpture. I ended up finishing his tail. Now, the plan is to refine everything and do plenty of smoothing out in the clay! There are some cracks that need to be filled, areas that need redefining and parts that need to be leveled out. This will be a satisfying, yet simultaneously long and frustrating process indeed!

Getting There!
His tail looks longer than his legs, but I can assure you it is highly likely that the camera angle has distorted it... I have measured, but also I am not too worried about this as I will only be checking out he will be perfectly balanced once I have the waste casting.

So, plodding away at this little man, and I am super happy with the progress!


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