Sunday, 31 January 2016

MHL Live 2016

Yesterday, I ran the Model Horse Love Live 2016, the first live show of the year. It was in the Rothersthorpe Village Hall, a hall quite frequently used by us hobbyists! It is in a great location just off the M1 and a lot of us find it easily accessible.

My friend Holly came to my house at 7am where we both piled stuff into my car and I drove the hour journey to the hall. Once we arrived, we set up all the tables, raffle prizes, and Holly even had a stall to raise awareness for hedgehogs; because of the mild winter we have so far had and with the tremendous amounts of flooding, they are really struggling as a species this year!

The raffle all set up - many thanks to everyone that donated!

Hettie's Hedgehogs
 All in all, the raffle raised £106, which is fantastic! All of these funds will be going towards the British Horse Society Equine Welfare Charity.

We started off the morning with the CTF section spread out over three rings. I was expecting this to take all morning, with OF, CM and AS to be run in the afternoon alongside each other. As it turned out, people actually preferred showing one section of models at a time, so we continued the theme throughout the day.

Rubbernedz Arabian

Julip Shetland

CollectA Suffolk Punch

CTF Championship
The OF section was shown after the CTF section. I had particular difficulty judging the Warmblood class - there were so many Valegro models that I had to try and find the TINIEST little 'issues' in order to place them. Because there were also six models, it meant nothing else in that class could be placed.

The Valegro Class!
There were some lovely models in this section, though...

PS Palouse

Another PS Palouse

Probably my favourite of the three!
We broke for lunch in between some of the OF classes, where we held the raffle and it allowed people to bring their sales out onto the tables.

Meanwhile... There was a white cat that came into our show hall randomly, and really wanted attention and lots of fuss! Unfortunately, because of the risk, we had to put him back outside... He even brought us a dead Blue Tit as a gift! As time went on, we saw him meowing by the doors, the front door and the emergency exit door by the kitchen. He looked so sorry for himself!

I ended up going outside for a few minutes to give him some attention. He had a collar, so no worries about not having a home to go to, but he sure loved the attention and was also soft!

Anyway, back to the show! The CM classes followed the OF classes.

CM Valegro

CM Copperfox

CM Breyer
It is so nice that more and more Copperfox models are slowly emerging to live shows. I can't wait to get my hands on the Irish Sport Horse at some point! Some of the Breyer Valegros were beautifully customised too. However, these two were the ones that ended up winning the CM section!

CM Championship
Before we knew it, we were diving straight into the AR classes, which flew by ever so quickly. I tried to get some photos but I took much less as the day progressed.

The Indy above ended up winning the show. He is owned by Nicki, and apparently was flown over from the USA where he has been proxy shown for a while. I guess it was time for him to try out a different turf!

The Championship
All in all, it was a great day. Although I was rushing around, I was holding the show afterall, and other people said they had a lot of fun and they had time to socialise, which is the main thing. After cleaning up the hall and putting everything away, I got back around 7pm (the show finished at 5pm, which was good considering we had 120 classes to get through!).

So, I have been saying this a great deal, but THANK YOU to EVERYONE who either attended, donated to the raffle, who judged, and who helped me in general on the day. It wouldn't have gone as well as it did without every single one of you!


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