Saturday, 23 July 2016

Copperfox Live Tour Event - Northampton

Well, I am definitely a month late in posting about this fantastic day! I came home with a palomino Welsh copperfox model, who I am in love with! My friend and I arrived just before the end of the live show period of the day, where the champions were announced.

A really clever diorama set up of a model horse shop took a championship spot, where the owner went home with a glossy connemara model. It was really well done and thought out! The detail was incredible. It is scenes like this where I could look at all day and always find new things about it to enjoy.

I dived into the sales in the corner of the room where I managed to purchase a cheap jump, some models and posters, a lot of good and cheap goodies! I also spoke to some fellow hobbiests and friends. It was a lovely day out.

It was also great to see the wonderful eyecandy that we all came for... The Copperfox models!

I was desperately after a Finnegan, a chestnut Irish Sports Horse, but unfortunately they didn't have any with them, as they had all sold out... It clearly shows he is a popular model to have! I was torn between him and owning one of the welsh models, though. I am happy with my purchase for the day. Limited funds meant I wasn't able to come home with two!

I also saw this chap that Kelly Sealey has been sculpting... And he is GORGEOUS. He is simply a must-have LB scaled model. Unfortunately right now I can't justify a purchase but I am hoping in a month or two that will all change...

The detail on this tail... Just look!!

I really hope he doesn't sell out by the time I can purchase one!

All in all, it was a great day and a wonderful catch up and to get into the hobby slowly for me again. It has been a tough couple of years with studies etc/ but things are looking up for me in the model horse world!


Nearly at 100,000 pageviews...

I cannot believe it! Nearly 100,000 pageviews! I have had other websites before but since this new one, this is a fantastic milestone.

When I reach this milestone, I will be sure to hold a giveaway on my website somehow for everyone in order to celebrate. It is only a couple of weeks until I will be unleashed in my studio painting and working on new and exciting things for you all to see, so there will be lots to do!

Thank you for your continuous support everyone! And I promise I will be more active soon...


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Studio Fun!

Last weekend I travelled home to sort some things out, which inevitably included prepping some of the horses that I had bought over the past couple of months. I have accidentally bought some more recently too, oops! But over the weekend, I managed to fully prep ten horses, eight of them being traditionals! So, not bad at all.

I still need to work on my Hornet some more. I bought a nice stand from him from the US, which fits him and shows him off extremely well. I just placed him over a standard Breyer jump which I bought at the Copperfox tour stop in Northampton last month (which I still need to post about!) but I think he is overachieving?

Unfortunately these won't be touched until August now. But it will be worth the wait, I promise...