Saturday, 23 July 2016

Copperfox Live Tour Event - Northampton

Well, I am definitely a month late in posting about this fantastic day! I came home with a palomino Welsh copperfox model, who I am in love with! My friend and I arrived just before the end of the live show period of the day, where the champions were announced.

A really clever diorama set up of a model horse shop took a championship spot, where the owner went home with a glossy connemara model. It was really well done and thought out! The detail was incredible. It is scenes like this where I could look at all day and always find new things about it to enjoy.

I dived into the sales in the corner of the room where I managed to purchase a cheap jump, some models and posters, a lot of good and cheap goodies! I also spoke to some fellow hobbiests and friends. It was a lovely day out.

It was also great to see the wonderful eyecandy that we all came for... The Copperfox models!

I was desperately after a Finnegan, a chestnut Irish Sports Horse, but unfortunately they didn't have any with them, as they had all sold out... It clearly shows he is a popular model to have! I was torn between him and owning one of the welsh models, though. I am happy with my purchase for the day. Limited funds meant I wasn't able to come home with two!

I also saw this chap that Kelly Sealey has been sculpting... And he is GORGEOUS. He is simply a must-have LB scaled model. Unfortunately right now I can't justify a purchase but I am hoping in a month or two that will all change...

The detail on this tail... Just look!!

I really hope he doesn't sell out by the time I can purchase one!

All in all, it was a great day and a wonderful catch up and to get into the hobby slowly for me again. It has been a tough couple of years with studies etc/ but things are looking up for me in the model horse world!


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