Saturday, 13 August 2016

Breyer Classic Shire Custom

I cannot believe this is the first repaint of this model that I have done. He is such a lovely model, I used to own an OF version when I was younger. I have painted him to a traditional dapple bay, complete with some sabino markings to top it all off.

He has an incredibly expressive face and presence about him, you can really picture him with a handler in the show ring.

This is the model I was running out of black paint with! Awfully frustrating. I had another black paint that I have as a spare but I don't like using it in my airbrush, as it tends to splatter no matter what I seem to do! Oh well. I have some more black paint of my favourite kind on the way.

I have some more customs coming soon! I just need to get prepping...


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