Monday, 15 August 2016

Breyer Templado Custom

I love this model! It just has SO much power!

I was a bit stumped for colours on this one, and my confidence in dilute colours isn't as much as my confidence for the more solid colours such as bays and chestnuts. But I really wanted to do my best as I know I have been able to do it successfully many times before.  I even included dapples on him!

I deliberately didn't add any primitive markings or dorsal stripe so he is a good solid buckskin colour, which perfectly matches the Andalusian breed, so he can still be shown as a purebred. I know how important this is for many showers, so I do try my best.

I showed him to my mum, and although she liked the colour, she didn't like how his mane just stuck up like that! I love honest opinions from her. At least she didn't have any issues with how I painted, hehe!

I also have a little story to share, not regarding this exact horse but a model on the same mould... Breyer's Jubilee model, from the Breyerfest 2014 when I went two years ago to Kentucky. Here is the promo photo from Breyer, just to show the model I am referring to.

This is the model I picked up when I did the Tent Run. When I eventually returned home, I actually offered him up for sale, as I hadn't clicked with him like I thought I had. He had sold, but when it came to packing him up, I had lost him! I searched EVERYWHERE. My mum even helped but we were convinced that I had perhaps thrown him away in some form when I was having a major clearout... Which was SUCH a shame... I ended up refunding the person who bought him and just left it at that.

But, two days ago, while I was packing horses to send, I located a box tucked away in the far corner of our garage. I recognised the box as perhaps containing packing peanuts I could use to pad my parcels out, so I went over to open it. And what did I see? Lo and behold, I saw the same light blue package that I bought two years ago. I gasped, and ran inside, and as fast as I could unpacked him. And he was stunning, and I am SO glad I found him.

I now am incredibly attached to him, so he won't be leaving my collection for quite a while now!


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