Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Custom Copperfox Exmoor

Good Morning!

I started this Copperfox pony custom yesterday afternoon, where he took me a good few hours blocking in spots and getting shading right in places. He is your typical pony-shaped British Spotted Pony!

This model suits the spots so much. I actually think all of the current Copperfoxes would, though. This particular model I won as a blank canvas at the Summer Lovin' Live II held at the very end of July.

I found that there was a great deal of backlash on this model when she was unveiled, many people didn't seem to think she made a great Exmoor. I think I am one of the few that think she is passable as one, although perhaps if painted a nice wacky colour, she could pass off as a Shetland too!

I think having a versatile model like this is fantastic for collectors and for those at Copperfox.

This pony already has an owner lined up (sorry if you were interested!) I really hope they like her as much as I do! I have to paint more spotty horses, I have decided. So don't worry, more will be coming very soon.


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