Monday, 8 August 2016

Dancing Flame

Well, that is what my latest repaint looks like, anyway!

I am so, so pleased with the colour on this one. Half way through I was really unsure, but both I and the model persevered and came up with this gorgeous result. I used to know a small welsh gelding called Flame, a fiery flaxen chestnut, so I think the name Dancing Flame fits!

I wasn't actually too keen on this mould when I saw he was first released from Breyer, I think because the breed she was meant to be representing I wasn't convinced about. I still am undecided about what breed she could pass as (typical Heinz 57, maybe?!) but still, I really think this colour makes all the difference and makes her a great model. 

She will be for sale, along with my other ones. I need to work out how I am going to list them (if you are interested in any, please contact me from the form on the side of this website).

More to come soon!


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