Sunday, 7 August 2016

First Customs of 2016... Better Late than Never!

I am back in my studio after a hard year of completing my training to becoming a Pharmacist. I now have a month off after being successful, where I will start working from September. I have August to be productive in my studio as well as going to Mongolia on the 24th! Don't worry, there will be photos...

This is the first model I completed, the Breyer Journeyman with the loose mane. I was going to give this one tobiano markings, but he looks nice enough as a solid bay. The dapples also make him pop!

I also painted up Breyer's Misty. I thought this was a common colour to paint this model, but perhaps not. I was also going to add dapples and paint this one into a tobiano, but this mealy colour sold me on leaving her solid.

She also has a baby!

Don't they look cute together!

And last, but certainly not least (and I mean it... I have over 15 other bodies waiting for colour!) I painted up a Breyer Wyatt model. This one was the only one that went to plan colour-wise, although I was planning on adding dapples but I don't think he needs it.

Stay tuned, more will be coming soon! Although painting may be slower today as yet again, it is humid here in the UK...


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