Friday, 5 August 2016

Live Show Report: Summer Lovin' Live II

On Sunday 31st July, I was persuaded by my fellow model horse friend Holly to go to the SLL show with her which was held in Chelmsford, Essex, by Curtis Sayers. We set off in the morning just before 8am, and arrived at 9am where the show started at 9.30am. People were already setting up their models and tables, and in the back room was the raffle, Solstice Sky Studios and Copperfox Model Horses also made an appearance.

Copperfox Model Horses

They also had with them some blank Copperfox models that we could buy to paint up ourselves and customise, which were cheaper than the special runs they had. I obviously had to buy one first thing before the show actually kicked off. I got myself the Irish Sports Horse model, and I look forward to painting him up. I might turn him into some kind of mare...

Copperfox Blank Models

Copperfox had also donated a blank Exmoor pony into the raffle, where there were also some Breyer models to be won, some resin medallions, chocolate, bath smellies, and all sorts! This was definitely a raffle I wanted to enter. and I had my eye on a few of the prizes...

Raffle Table
The show got under way with the first two rings consisting of Performance classes, and the third ring having the Artist Resin halter classes. The performance entries were lovely to see, especially with the detail and the creativity of some of them. Here are a few of my favourites!

These two entries had such a lovely little set-up.

And the Performance championship was of exceptional quality.

I was told that the showjumping stablemate scaled horse was actually from the top of a trophy that the owner had one over 20 years ago! I would never have known, although I certainly didn't recognise the model or where it came from. What a lovely idea!

Pretty soon, lunchtime was upon us, where we stopped to refuel and enter the raffle, as well as make any last minute purchases. I was actually incredibly lucky in the raffle, managing to walk away with the Copperfox Exmoor that was donated and the Connemara Breyer model. I was so pleased, considering I had only paid for £10 worth of tickets. I also ended up purchasing Holly's Salome resin off her, which I plan on customising. It is a resin I had missed out on a couple of years ago, and have always wanted one since. I think I got quite lucky!

So I basically had a huge pile of 'oops'!

It was also nice to see that some customs I had completed a year or more back are still popping up and doing well in the classes. This first one was a commission for someone, and he came fourth in a youngstock class.

This one was a CollectA Lippizanner model that I customised to a black horse, who won his class and also got Reserve to Reserve champion in his section.

These last few photos really stood out to me in the halter classes. The Heather model, sculpted by Kelly Sealey, is about Mini Whinnie scaled, and the detail was wonderful. The others are just models I really, really liked on the day.

The next show I have planned is my very own, a Model Horse Love show, aimed just at European breeds of horse. This show is in November in Rothersthorpe, Northampton. I am also travelling back home tomorrow where my studio and horses are, so expect a load of updates from me this month!

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